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A golden opportunity for producers

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Fresh products, from the field to table! This phrase best defines the Farmers Market that currently takes place in front of the UDC Student Center, at 4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW, which celebrates its seventh season this year.

The COVID 19 pandemic forced the world to lockdown, ended millions of jobs and closed hundreds of businesses, affecting small entrepreneurs, producers and vendors. As people move forward and return to their current daily routine, producers are recovering from an economic blow that forced them to sell their products differently, using platforms such as social media web pages, telephone, etc. However, the decline in sales was felt.

The Farmers Market is an opportunity for producers to promote and sell their products, and for the community to support and buy fresh produce, brought directly from the field to table, and they can also enjoy the different events that take place every Saturday and, help the local economic growth. The Farmers Market is a great representation of the diversity of Washington D.C, as it has vendors and producers who come from Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia, making this a multicultural event.

Leading this great project is Rudy Arredondo, with more than 50 years of experience who has worked and fought for the rights of Latino farmers and ranchers. 16 years ago, he created the National Latino Farmers & Ranchers organization whose mission is to provide policy advocacy, farm management and sustainability training, conservation best practices, and technical assistance that enables Latino and multi-ethnic farmworkers, farmers, and ranchers who have been historically discriminated against, transition, and thrive in indigenous, regenerative and sustainable farming and ranching operations, while strengthening and safeguarding the national food supply system.

The Farmers Market will be open weekly Saturdays from 9am to 1pm, until November 26, offering music, cultural presentations, and dances, which makes it a multicultural event you can enjoy with your family now that summer is almost here. You can shop for a gift, enjoy a different flavor at lunchtime, try the vendor’s delicacies and natural drinks, among other things.

This material is based upon work supported by the U.S Department of Agriculture under Agreement
No 2022-70416-37110

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