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NLFR opens California offices in Huron and Fresno

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Latino and Hispanic farmers and ranchers are the fastest growing demographic in New Mexico and California. 

Having entered into a Cooperator Agreement with the USDA NIFA 2022-70416-37110, NLFR raises awareness of USDA programs, and guides and encourages farmworkers, farmers, and ranchers to apply to agency programs in a culturally responsive manner in California and New Mexico. 

Working in a proactive versus reactive manner to mitigate farm and ranch barriers, NLFR embraced the opportunity to expand and connect the rancher and farmer networks to provide training and technical assistance. 

Engaging with and sharing best practices with our regional chapters permits NLFR to penetrate and understand the needs that exist.  This expansion and penetration increases potential to address root causes of farmer and rancher inaccessibility to programs and connect them to the right USDA and other organizations’ supports.

Executive Director Rudy Arredondo was excited to open California: “We have the ability to continue to be boots-on-the-ground, be immersed with the issues facing our stakeholders in California, and learn what the needs of each of our individual farmers and ranchers are.”

The California and New Mexico teams, and NLFR Deputy Director Eugene Pickett are eager to continue to provide subject matter expertise equipped to guide farmers and ranchers through the complicated processes in order to be successful.

NLFR provides technical assistance to the underrepresented Latino Farmers and Ranchers across the United States. NLFR provides best practices training workshops on relevant farm and ranching policy, forums and webinars supporting all stakeholders to thrive.

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This material is based upon work supported by the U.S Department of Agriculture under Agreement
No 2022-70416-37110

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